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The good news for Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 users is that they will be supported to update to Windows 10 without losing data in drive C.
Upgrading the operating system is always an exciting experience because they will be able to experience a "new breath" for their old technology equipment. However, to upgrade to the new version of Windows, users often have to reinstall, which means that it is possible to lose C drive data (the default Windows drive).
The good news for Windows 7/8 / 8.1 users is that they will be supported by an update - instead of a new one - on Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft. This means that users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 will not need to back up their data in C drive and can perform the upgrade process normally without losing data or wear. Although many people still encourage you to back up data to prevent the bad situation. This process is almost like receiving an OTA update on your phone.
For users of Windows XP product key, Windows Vista or earlier versions of Windows, you will lose data on drive C if you perform a new update or installation (the method of coping with this is copy the important data to another drive).
A few months ago, Microsoft tested the distribution of Windows Technical Preview via Windows Updates, and if that process goes well - you might get a complete Windows 10 update through this and probably will. Upgrade is free. This is a nice thing for those unfamiliar with installing Windows through the ISO file. Microsoft office 2013 product key has also released Windows 8.1 updates for Windows 8 users through the Windows Store and the release process is very good.
Windows 10 will be ready for release in the second half of this year, but in the meantime, we will receive the January Technical Preview and Microsoft Windows event in the second half of this month.
Screen recordings are used by many Windows users, bloggers, YouTube users and designers. There are many advantages and different ways to record the screen in Windows 10 product key. Windows 10 is widely used in the operating system in the world today. Due to its widely used operating system, Microsoft has released many new updates in Windows 10. As a result, there are many features of Windows 10. We discussed in detail the features of Windows 10. For example, where Cortana Assistant, 3D Paint and Xbox are leading the way in favor of more users. So, we'll discuss here 5 different ways to record the screen in Windows 10. Windows 10 Screen Recorder, is required for specific users to work with youtube and others.
1. Windows 10 screen recorder without any software
This way, you can record the screen without any tools or software online. It's built in software through which you can make Windows 10 Screen Recorder.
Hit Window Logo + G from the Keyboard.
You will now see the toast bar on the screen that you have to tick on the checkbox that has this is a game.
When you check this box, you will have the option to record the screen.
2. Features of Windows 10 Screen Recorder: (3 different ways to record screen in Windows 10)
There are several features provided by Windows 10 Screen Recorder:
You can use the Xbox in these options while recording Screen in Windows 10 or capture clips in Windows 10 pro product key.
On the other hand, you can take screenshots of the desktop.
There is also an option where you can make different settings related to the game, etc.
3. How to make Screen Record in Windows 10 using software?
Have you ever heard a tool called Camtasia? Yes, Camtasia is an offline software that can record, capture and even edit recorded video. Moreover, you can combine different parts of the video recorded in Windows 10. In the background, you can adjust the music behind the video according to your choice.
Here are the appropriate steps to record a video using Camtasia:
First of all, you have to download Camtasia from here and after installing Camtasia. You have to go to the boot menu or Camtasia-style Cortana Assistant, it does not matter which version of Camtasia you have downloaded with any version. In addition, you can record Windows 10 screen recorders.
Here are the steps you need to follow more:
Click on the new project once Camtasia has opened it will take a few seconds to open Camtasia.
This is the option of the top left corner of the logs. Click on this and adjust the screen according to you, meaning which part of the screen you want to capture by dragging. Now click on Profile and it will start recording your Windows 10 desktop or anywhere in Windows. Anything, the video you want to record at this moment is an easy way to do Windows 10 Screen Recorder Camtasia is a reliable and easy software.
4. How to make Screen Recorder in Windows 10 Using OBS Studio
It is an OBS project and an easy way to make screen recordings in Windows 10. Just like, you capture video clips in Windows 10 with just one click. OBS Studio is a free open source program or tool that helps in Windows 10 Screen Recorder.
5. What did we conclude about the Windows 10 Screen Recorder?
In this article, we have mentioned three different ways to perform Screen Recorder in Windows 10.
There is no software that uses the Windows 10 feature.
Camstasia tool.
OBS Free Open Source Tool to Record Video Clips in Windows.
Google's Project Zero has warned of a vulnerability in Windows 10 S to users, although Microsoft said the vulnerability was not too serious.
According to Neowin, the Windows 10 S operating system is rated at Microsoft's high security level, but the new findings from the Project Zero team show that the spies can execute arbitrary code on a system with encryption functions. is enabled, such as Device Guard.
Fortunately, this vulnerability only affects Device Guard enabled systems - primarily Windows 10 S and can not be exploited remotely. An attacker needs to install malicious code on the system to modify the registry entry, greatly reducing the severity of the problem. Google also acknowledged the problem is not too serious.
But more importantly, Google reported the vulnerability to Microsoft on January 19, but the software giant has not been able to fix it through Patch Tuesday patch most recently. As a result, Microsoft has requested an extension of 14 days, but Google declined and did not extend the time required by Microsoft.
Explain to Microsoft, Google says the problem is not so serious and there are still other issues that the company needs attention.
After the 90-day deadline for the standard ended, Google decided to publicly disclose the vulnerability and showed it primarily affects Windows 10. S Hope Microsoft will soon release the hotfix patch or deploy it via Patch Tuesday. coming soon - to date 8.5.
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Customizing the Windows context menu by editing the registry is really complicated and less secure. However, all is just "trivia" with the Context Menu Editor.
Actually there are many utilities, tools for users to customize the context menu of Windows 7 product key, but prominent among them is the free Context Menu Editor with small size, No complicated installation and most of all, easy to use.
Specifically, Context Menu Editor allows users to easily add, delete applications or commonly used folders to the context menu of the system. Note, this free utility only supports Windows Vista and Windows 7 professional product key.
In the web interface that appears, click the Download button, followed by the Softpedia Secure Download (US) link.
After downloading the file named, you need to unpack it into a folder of the same name. Next, open this folder and double-click the Context Menu Editor 1.1 to launch this utility.
The main interface of the gadget is arranged in two separate sections. The upper part allows users to add links to frequently accessed applications or directories, while the rest is for adding links to a web page.
To add an application to the context menu, first click the Browse button in the Path field to specify the location of the folder containing the program to add. For example, to add the Firefox browser, navigate to the folder containing this utility (as shown in the picture below is "C: \ Program Files \ Mozilla Firefox \ firefox.exe" and click the Open button.
Context Menu Editor will automatically determine the location of the icon for the corresponding application to put in the Icon pane and named in the Text section. Of course, you can change the name as you like. Note that if you check the Extended option, the application's icon will only appear when the user is using Shift and right-click.
Then, press the Set button to confirm the settings have just made.
To create a link to any directory, you will have to use the syntax: explorer.exe <path to the directory that contains the corresponding folder> in the Path (note path must be written in quotation marks). ), then set the corresponding name for this folder Text item.
For example, to create a link to the D: \ Documents \ SP Preview folder, enter the path syntax as follows: explorer.exe "D: \ Preview \ Preview SP", then rename the item. Text to "Preview SPT", then click the Set button to end. Once done, you can check that by right-clicking on the Windows desktop, and the folder above will appear.
After the time of use, if you want to remove these "shortcut" from the context menu, also from the main interface of the utility, you select the Remove tab.
In the list of items listed, right-click on the item to delete and the last thing to do is to select Delete.
Hopefully, during the early spring of Dragon, when you are free, you can use the Context Menu Editor utility to add convenience to the context menu in Windows.
Microsoft will allow Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge within a year of launching on July 31, 2015. However, not all users like this.
According to PCWorld, the problem is that many people will feel uncomfortable with the upgrade notice on their Windows 7 ultimate product key machine. In the case of an article, it happens that when you click the shutdown button the computer will see an alert for an update, although after shutting down it will not see any updates. This involves the process of updating Windows 10 failures.
If Get Windows 10 product key has become such a nuisance, you can easily remove it with a free software called GWX Control Panel of Outsider.
Once you start the application, you can look at some information about the beginning of the program, such as the Get Windows 10 activation state for the upgrade.
Now click on two of the buttons near the bottom of the Disable 'Get Windows 10' App (permanently remove icon) and Disable Operating System Upgrades in Windows product key Update.
After enabling these options, if Windows Update tries to make updates and fails to install the Windows 10 update, run the Microsoft Windows Update Troubleshooter. Launching the application you will see an update error message that can not be fixed, but since then every time you shut down Windows you will not see an update warning in the Shut down button anymore.
1 Click ⊞ Win and press R. This will open the program "Run" from which you can access the registry of your computer.
2. Enter "regedit" in the Run field.
3 Press ↵ Enter. This will start the Registry Editor tool.
4 Review the options tree on the left side of your screen. You will need to navigate through some of the directories listed here to reach your destination.
Because the registry contains most of your computer's sensitive information, consider clicking File and then Export in the top left corner of the screen to back up your registry before continuing. .
5. Expand the directory "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE". Note that you will need to click the + sign to the left of the folder to expand it - do not click on the directory itself.
6 Expand the "SOFTWARE" folder. Each folder you need to expand after this point will be inside the previous folder (for example, "SOFTWARE" located in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", etc.).
7 Expand the "Microsoft" folder.
8 Expand the "Windows NT" folder.
9 Expand the "CurrentVersion" folder.
10 Click the "WPA Events" folder. Do not expand this. You will see its contents listed in a window on the right side of the Registry Editor page.
11 Right-click on the entry "OOBETimer".
12 Click Modify.
13 Select "OOBETimer". These should be a couple of pairs and random numbers.
14 Press Delete. This will remove the values ​​listed here.
15 Enter the new number. It does not matter what you put here, but you'll need to keep the formatting consistent (for example, if you've deleted four characters, you'll need to replace that with four characters). [first]
16 Click OK when you are finished. This will save your changes.
17 Exit the Registry Editor tool.
18 Open the Run tool. Remember, you can hold ⊞ Win and press R to do so.
19 Type "% systemroot% \ system32 \ oobe \ msoobe.exe / a" into the Run window. Exclude quotes. Entering this command will open the Windows XP activation wizard.
For best results, simply copy and paste this text into the Run field.
20 Click OK.
21 Select the phone option. This option should say "Yes, I want to call customer service representatives to activate Windows" and there will be a clickable checkbox to the left of it.
If you see a note that says "Windows XP has been activated," changing your key manually will not work. Please continue with the Windows Key Finder method.
22 Click Next.
23 Click Change product key. This is at the bottom of the "Activation" window.
24 Enter the Windows XP product key. Note that you may have to try this step a few times with different keys.
If you do not know what version of Windows XP your computer is currently running, refer to your computer's manual for verification before you proceed with the trial of the associated product key.
25 Click Update. This will create a new Windows XP ID for your computer. Once this process is complete, you will need to confirm your Windows XP activation.
26 Click Back.
27 Select the "Activate Windows over the Internet" option. This will allow you to activate your XP version quickly.
Note that calling Microsoft using the "customer representative phone" option may not work because Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP on April 8, 2014.
28 Follow the on-screen instructions. After you have completed the activation of Windows XP, you will be able to use it without locking the system.
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Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 ultimate product key users are entitled to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro product key online for $ 39.99 (about 840K). If you bring the device to Microsoft stores, you will have to pay up to $ 69.99 (about 1.47 million).
In addition, buyers of Windows 7 PCs after June 2, 2012 can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $ 14.99 (about 315K). Special upgrade packages are available for 131 markets (including Vietnam) and are expected to end on January 31, 2013.
When upgrading to Windows 8 Pro, customers get free Windows Media Center software as an additional option through the Add Features to Windows 8 feature. Microsoft also sells a backup DVD for $ 14.99. USD to help you with upgrades, settings or other purposes.
An upgrade program helps users migrate files, settings and applications from Windows 7, files and settings from Windows product key Vista, files from Windows XP to the new operating system. We mean that Windows Vista will lose all applications from third parties and Windows XP will retain only personal data.
From tomorrow 30 April, users can download "Windows 10 April 2018 Update". According to Microsoft, this new update will help users save more time using Windows 10 product key.
Information from the World Computer magazine, Microsoft's original plan, this new version is scheduled to launch on April 10, but they have encountered "blue screen error," can not be resolved immediately, forcing the company to postpone release until the last day of April.
TheVerge technology said the update will be called "Windows 10 April 2018 Update". So, starting tomorrow, Microsoft will release an April update, which will allow people to download it manually once it's released, before it's shipped to any Windows device. 10 through the Windows Update channel as of May 8,
In order to experience the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, users must join the Windows product key Insider Program. First user to register here. Go to Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update Tab> Advanced> Get Windows Insider Builds> Get Started to start downloading updates.
In this release, Microsoft brings three new features: Timeline, Focus Assist, Dictation, and Microsoft Edge.
Timeline is a feature that helps users find documents that have been created or are unfinished in the previous 30 days. This feature syncs both on computers, phones, and tablets, regardless of the iOS or Android operating system. Only users using Microsoft Edge or Office 365 of the same Microsoft account.
Meanwhile, Focus Assist helps users turn on or off the notification of applications or social networks, avoiding distraction when working.
Finally, the Dictation feature helps users create notes or text by voice.
In the new update, the Microsoft office 2013 product key Edge feature is added to the mute-a-tab mode, read in full screen mode and automatically populate form templates on the web.
In addition, Microsoft has introduced a new upgrade to Micosoft 365's management capabilities, which simplifies management, especially in high-tech organizations.
In the article below, will guide you how to overcome the above error in four basic steps:
1. Turn off the Windows product key Firewall
This is a very basic operation, to ensure your Windows system runs faster, less error, but less security at the same time.
2. Reset TCP / IP (simply reset Internet Protocol)
Among the causes of computer failure is not connected to the Internet (although the network port is still signal, Wifi is still full wave line, every time you visit the site will receive the error message: "The page can not be displayed" may be caused by the Internet Protocol or TCP / IP on your computer.
How to reset TCP / IP using NetShell:
On Windows 10, you open Command under Administrator
Then type: netsh int ip reset resettcpip.txt
Restart the computer, and check whether it is connected to the Internet or not!
3. Add the Net Local Group
This procedure requires you to open a Command under Administrator (similar to Reset TCP / IP above), type the commands below, or simply copy paste (in the Command window, right click, the system will Automatically paste the command. Press Enter after each command to execute Windows:
+ net localgroup Administrators localservice / add
+ fsutil resource setautoreset true C: \
+ netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
Then, restart the computer and try to activate, Active Microsoft Office 2017 product key still see the error is not nhé.
4. Check TLS 1.2
TLS is an abbreviation of the Transport Layer Security Protocol, which can be understood as the industry standard for security, to ensure the security of data in the Internet environment. To check, go to Control Panel> Internet Options> open Advanced tab as shown below and check box Use TLS 1.2 checked check or not?
Then, try reactivating Office to see if you still have the error: "We're sorry, something went wrong and we can not do this for you right now. Please try again later. (0x8004FC12)." anymore. Hope the steps above can help you fix, handle inactivity error, activate Microsoft Office on Windows 10 pro product key.
Assuming that when you are typing text, suddenly the keyboard on your Windows 10 product key computer does not work, not typing words, typing but showing the menu. Despite all the ways, you seem powerless. Then you can apply some solutions below to fix keyboard errors on Windows 10 offline.
1. Update the keyboard driver
Step 1:
To update the keyboard driver by using the on-screen keyboard, first step is to right-click the Start button in the bottom left corner and then click Run.
Step 2:
At this point, the Run command is displayed, where you enter devmgmt.msc using the virtual keyboard and click OK.
Step 3:
The Device Manager windows product key appears. Here you find an option called Keyboards and expand the Keyboards by clicking on the down arrow. Right-click the keyboard that you use, select the Update Driver Software option.
Step 4:
If the driver is ready to install, you can find and select or if it is not available, you can ask Windows to find your driver by clicking the option automatically.
Step 5:
Alternatively, click the Action tab, and from the dropdown menu, select the option Scan for hardware changes.
2. Edit the keyboard settings
Step 1:
First, click the Settings icon on the Start Menu to open the Settings application.
Step 2:
In the Settings window, click the Ease of Access option.
Step 3:
Next, find and select the Keyboard option in the left pane of the Ease of Access window.
In the right pane, find the option called Filter Keys. Next to switch the Ignore or slow down button or repeat the keystrokes and adjust the keyboard repeat rates to ON.
Step 4:
Now scroll down to the Filter Keys and switch to the option state.
3. Try shortcuts
Some users say that they press the Windows product key + Space key combination (keyboard shortcut) to see the situation is improved, you can try to see why.
In addition, another shortcut, Shift + Esc (or a key with a lock icon on the keyboard) is also considered to work in this case. You try it offline.
If the keyboard is still recognized by the computer, but not typed, especially when it comes to the laptop, for example, you press the letter a but it opens a menu, not the letter a, then think of school Key is stuck. Use your hand and drag a series of keys from one end to the other, turn to the end of the keys and try again.
Windows 8 provides users with an updated user interface, improved speed and performance, and new features not found in earlier versions of Windows. Windows 8 product key is no longer available for purchase from Microsoft, but can be downloaded back to your computer or onto external media using your original Windows product key. Follow these steps:
1 Confirm that you own a blank USB or DVD drive with at least four GB of free space. This is the amount of space needed to install Windows 8 on your computer by means of.
2 Verify your computer meets the minimum system requirements for Windows 8. System requirements for Windows 8 are as follows:
Processor: One GHz or faster
RAM: One GB for a 32 bit or two GB computer for a 64 bit computer
Hard disk space: 16 GB for 32 bit or 20 GB for 64 bit machine
Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 with WDDM driver
3 Back up and save all your personal data to your external drive, DVD or cloud storage system. Installing Windows 8 will delete all personal and file data from your computer.
4 Navigate to the ISO page of Windows 8. Microsoft replaced the Windows 8 ISO file with Windows 8.1; However, computers compatible with Windows 8 are also compatible with Windows 8.1.
5 Select "Windows 8.1 product key" from the drop down menu, then click "Confirm. "
6 Select your product language, then click "Confirm. "
Select "32-bit" or "64-bit", depending on your system.
8 Click "Save File. "The ISO files will be saved to your default Downloads folder.
9 Insert a blank USB or DVD drive into your computer.
10 Copy the Windows 8.1 ISO file to a USB thumb drive or DVD.
11 Launch File Explorer and navigate to the contents of the USB drive or DVD.
Alternatively, insert the media into another computer where you want to install Windows.
12 Double-click the ISO file Windows 8.1. This will open the Windows setup wizard.
13 Click "Install now," then enter the 25-character Windows product key. The product key can be found in the confirmation email you received at the time you purchased Windows 8 for the first time or on the Windows 8 DVD packaging.
14 Read and accept the Microsoft Software License Agreement, then click "Next. "
15 Choose your preferred installation type, then click "Next. The 'Upgrade' option allows you to keep all existing files, settings and applications, while the 'Custom' option installs Windows without saving your personal data.
16 Click "Install. "Windows 8.1 will now be installed on your computer, which may take a few minutes to complete. Once complete, your computer will restart and display the Windows Welcome screen.
On computers and devices running Windows 8 product keys are stored in the registry and are verified correctly every time that you load and run Windows updates. There are many ways to find your product key in Windows 8, including searching for registries, replacing alternative product key requirements from Microsoft, or using a third-party program such as Product Key Finder or Key Viewer. Windows 8 product.
I searched in the Registry
1 Press the Win + R keys on your Windows 8 computer. This shortcut will open the Run dialog box.
2. Type "regedit" in the Run dialog box, then click "OK." This will open the windows registry editor.
3 Navigate to the following path in Registry Editor: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion. This folder contains some Windows installations for your computer.
4 Right-click on the key labeled "ProductId", then select "Modify." "
5 Note the number displayed on the screen. This is your Windows 8 product key.
6 Click "Cancel" after you have finished writing your Windows 8 product key. This will prevent you from making any random changes to the product key
II requires a new product key from Microsoft
1 Contact the Microsoft Customer Support team at 1-800-642-7676 and say "represent" at each prompt until you are connected to a Microsoft representative directly.
If Windows 8 is pre-installed on your computer or device, contact the manufacturer of your computer directly to request a new product key.
Contact the Microsoft office 2016 product key Customer Support team at 1-800-642-7676 and say "represent" at each prompt until you are connected to a Microsoft representative directly.
If Windows 8 is pre-installed on your computer or device, contact the manufacturer of your computer directly to request a new product key.
2 Wait for the representative to give you a new Windows 8 product key. The representative will also show you how to activate the product key for your Windows 8 device.
3 Log on to your Windows 8 computer as an administrator, then launch the Command Prompt.
Type "slmgr / upk" into the Command Prompt, then press "Enter." "This will uninstall the outdated product key.
Enter "slmgr / ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" into the Command Prompt, replacing the X values ​​with your new Windows 8 product key. This will install a new replacement product key on your computer and a pop-up message will confirm that your product key has been successfully updated.
Product key is a unique alphanumeric code usually any length required by many software programs during installation. They help software manufacturers ensure that each copy of their software is legally purchased.
Most software, including the operating system and some programs from the manufacturer of the most popular software, require a product key. As a general rule these days, if you pay for a program, it may require a product key during installation.
In addition to the product keys, some software manufacturers, including Microsoft, often require product activation to help continue to ensure that the software is a legal way.
The open source software program for free and usually do not require a product key code unless manufacturers use it to deploy statistical purposes.
1 How to use the product key
The product key is the same as the password for a program. This password is provided when purchasing the software and can only be used with that specific application. Without a product key, the program will most likely not open through the product key or the program can run but only the full version trial.
Product keys can usually only be used by a program installer, but some product key servers allow the same key to be used by any number as long as they are not used at the same time.
In these cases, there are a limited number of product keys, so if the program uses the key is off, another program can be opened and used in the same location.
2 Microsoft Product Key
All versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system require that you enter a unique product key during installation, as well as all versions of Microsoft Office 2017 product key and most other Microsoft retail programs.
The Microsoft product key is usually located on the main product label, for example, you can see on this page.
In most versions of Windows and other Microsoft software, the product key is 25 characters long and contains both letters and numbers.
In all versions of Windows since Windows 98, including Windows 10 product key, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, product keys have the form of 5x5 (25 characters) as in xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx. -xxxxx-xxxxx
Older versions of Windows, such as Windows NT and Windows 95, have 20-character product keys in the form of xxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxx.
3 Find a product key
Since product keys are required during installation, finding that you lost your product key can be a serious problem if you need to reinstall the program. Fortunately, you may not need to acquire software but instead just find the key you used when it was first installed.
The only product key entered for an operating system or software program is usually stored in encrypted format in the Windows Registry, at least in Windows. This makes finding a thing very difficult without help.
Fortunately, there are special programs called product key finders that will locate these keys, as long as the program or operating system has not been deleted.
The Windows Mobile 8 operating system will be added to Microsoft's new attractive features, including support for in-app purchases. But Windows Phone 7 users are unlikely to use this feature.
 The information posted on the MSDN website Windows product key Developer Center has revealed that only Windows Phone 8 can use the bar feature in the application. The site also noted that developers could add "in app" features to the Windows Phone 8 app in the near future.
Support for in-app purchases will allow developers to sell new features, upgrade, and improve the quality of service from within their own custom applications. At the same time, this feature also helps developers maximize profits that typically succeed most as Apple's App Store. The "in-app purchases" in-app payment feature has been available in Apple's App Store since 2009, RIM's BlackBerry Appworld since 2010, and Google's Android Market since March 2011.
However, if this feature is exclusively supported for Windows Phone 8, many phones, including the Nokia Lumia 900, will not be able to use in-app payments. This move will undoubtedly frustrate many users as they can not even be upgraded to Microsoft's new operating system.
According to a new report released by The Verge, Microsoft office 2010 product key in-app payment feature will be managed through the Wallet Hub, an application that stores user information about the bank card. At the same time, the Wallet Hub supports communication technology near NFC, making cards for purchases, transactions, loyalty cards, credit and debit card support.
Windows Phone 8 devices will be officially released this fall and Windows Phone 7 models will receive an update of 7.8. However, the upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8 will not be added to the new features except a menu screen is "remodeled".
Not only programmers, but Microsoft office 2016 product key also allows users to download trial versions of Windows 8 product key in 90 days. However, users will have many problems such as can not upgrade from this version as well as have to reset from the beginning if you want to return to the Windows version first.
Users who want to buy or upgrade the OS have to wait for commercial release on 26/10. However, Microsoft still allows users to download a trial version of Windows 8 RTM within 3 months. This is the Enterpise version of Windows 8. However, you should also notice some information.
• After the trial period, this version will expire. Users can not upgrade from this version to the official version
• To upgrade, the user must uninstall this installation, and then reinstall another version of Windows. Windows 8 will be upgraded from this version of Windows.
• If you intend to install, consider installing virtual environment or install a separate hard drive or partition. This installation will help you later upgrade to Windows 8 from the official version of Windows.
• Online product must be activated within 10 days after installation
• After installing this version, you can only go back to the previous version of Windows product key by reinstalling from the beginning.
After 90 days of trial, your desktop will turn black. At the same time, the PC automatically shuts off every hour to prevent further use. Perhaps you should just try it out if you are not hesitant about reins talling the OS or have concerns about running the application in a virtual environment.
Microsoft is a "giants" in the software world, and most people who know computers have used it through its software or services.
In recent years, Microsoft has launched many new products, step by step affirming their position in the personal computer market and many other business markets. In the process of "making hundreds of them," Microsoft has received mixed feedback and comments, positive, negative, ... and they are constantly making every effort to improve the small details for the product. Products. There is no "perfect perfect" but the following products have a lot of improvements and are highly appreciated.
1. Windows 7
Compared with its predecessor Windows Vista, Windows 7 ultimate product key is a very successful product of Microsoft, because it has many great features and many advanced security settings. And if the expansion is over, the dominance of Windows XP is under threat, because of the dramatic growth of Windows 7 in the business market. According to a recent report by Net Applications, Windows 7 took 42.21% of the market share, while Windows XP was 42.86%. This proves that Windows 7 can be a "ten-year operating system" replacing Windows XP in the future.
 2. SkyDrive
In today's cloud era, owning a versatile online storage service is inevitable. In addition to the ability to sync multiple devices and computers (multiple platforms supported), SkyDrive is also integrated with mailbox, online office suite, Microsoft Office 2013 product key suite. Surely this will be a great choice for those who love the product. In August 2012, SkyDrive changed the look of the interface, in Windows 8 product key style, added new features such as instant search, context menu, drag and drop support. Many files, ... For a free account, SkyDrive gives users 7GB of free storage. However, before (April 2012), SkyDrive users own 25GB of free storage.
3 Microsoft Office 2010
Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite, popular among business people. Microsoft Office 2010 is the best-selling version of Microsoft Office, accounting for the high level of user satisfaction. When it comes to 9 out of 10 people say it is the best Office version they have ever used and about 96% want to introduce Office 2010 to others. In addition to great use on the computer, Office 2010 can also combine cloud services such as SkyDrive, Office Web Apps.
The above products are based on an article from Makeuseof and combined with the author's opinion. If you feel that the list is not enough then you can share ideas with others about "perfect" Microsoft products.
After the warning of a serious new vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE) could affect hundreds of millions of users, Microsoft office 2016 product key immediately began to troubleshoot.
So far, the "software giant" has released the security tool for the vulnerability mentioned above, and urged all users to quickly download the temporary fix, until they patched. Comprehensive error.
Previously, Microsoft had been warned of a new vulnerability in IE that could allow attackers to take control of a user's computer.
In the face of such seriousness, the "software giant" has launched a security tool called the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, or EMET, to temporarily limit the risk before the official patch is available.
Everyone is now able to download EMET completely free from the Microsoft security site, at <> address.
In addition, the "software giant" recommends that users adjust the security settings on Windows to prevent the possibility of attack, although doing so may affect the ability to use the computer. .
Meanwhile, there is a "breathable" solution that of course Microsoft office 2013 product key does not offer, that is using a browser like Firefox or Chrome for example.
It should be noted that the above vulnerability does not affect IE version 10.
Microsoft office 2016 product key has released a new version of the Windows 10 product key operating system, this version is called Windows 10 S,  learn the concept as well as some attention on this version.
At the May 2 event, Microsoft said it focused on the education sector, which plans to double the number of Windows by offering Windows 10 S to offer more benefits to its users. education Department.
However, when using Windows 10 S, you probably will not see any difference with Windows 10 Pro product key, in addition to the default wallpaper is set.
Windows 10 S is described as a fully functional version of Windows designed to run "smooth" on all hardware. Microsoft did not disclose the exact meaning of the letter S, but the company explained that the version was developed from the features that teachers required - so this is the version that combines the field of education.
These features include: faster login, better battery life, ability to run desktop applications, easy management on multiple devices, and software that runs only verified applications.
It's a catch-up on Windows 10 S: the version is designed to run only verified applications from the Windows Store. You will not be able to download applications online and install those applications, so you can call this version a sandbox.
That means it has a safer security for user groups, but it also means that Microsoft knows exactly what software is going to be implemented, and the power demand can be combined, some Background applications will be limited and only a small part of the system resources will be intercepted.
If a Windows 10 S user tries to install an application from outside the Windows Store, the installation will be stopped, but then the user will be provided with an alternate solution from the Windows Store, verified by Microsoft.
Microsoft has proven that the process of a new user logs on to a Windows 10 S computer faster than a standard Windows 10 Pro. The purpose here is to ensure that students can work faster, the delay is minimal.
There are no hardware restrictions on Windows 10 S, as this version is designed to run on a variety of devices.
Of course, users can install and run Office 365 on Windows 10 S, so users will have access to essential tools. Microsoft has also confirmed that the full version of Office 365 is available on the Microsoft Store and that this is a free version for users in the education sector.
If you are planning to buy a Windows 10 S device for everyday use, it looks like you will have to pay for Office 365.
The answer is yes. If you do not like the Windows 10 S feature limitations, especially the limited installation of the application, you can completely upgrade to Windows 10 product key with just a few mouse clicks and an update.
This can be an attractive option for users if they need to install and use an application that is not verified by Microsoft. The upgrade will cost you about $ 49, but for Microsoft Intune for Education users to manage the device, the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro is free.
The advice for using Intune is that if you need to use a specific piece of software in a classroom or lab, for example, you can change the computer to allow it.
Microsoft also confirmed that users in the education sector will be able to change devices from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 S.
Microsoft is working hard to be compatible with a wide range of third-party accessories and devices. This is because users will have to have a driver signed by Microsoft to be able to use third-party accessories and devices on Windows 10 S.
For a new version, the appearance of vulnerabilities is inevitable. Windows 10 S is no exception, but can not determine where the vulnerability is located.
To use the Windows 10 S edition, you will have to pay at least $ 189, whether using the version in education or other broader areas.
Microsoft has also launched the Surface Laptop, a high-end version of Windows 10 S, designed to compete with the MacBook. The Surface Laptop will be available on June 15th, offering more power and high quality design. The Surface Laptop will cost $ 999.
Following two years of propelling, Windows 8 still did not procure the accomplishment not surprisingly.
Windows 8 was authoritatively discharged in August 2012, yet the two-year-old can not totally supplant the forerunner Windows 7. As needs be, Windows 7 product key is still extremely prominent with clients. Specifically, HP PC organizations are still for Windows 7.
Now, Windows 8 is as yet the most recent variant of Microsoft's working framework. Nonetheless, there is data that the product mammoth will present Windows Threshold right on time one month from now. So Windows 8 has demonstrated its part following 2 years of dispatch? Contrasted with piece of the pie, we can without much of a stretch see that Windows 7 is fundamentally superior to Windows 8.
Another reason might be that clients know about the Start menu on Windows 7 ultimate product key, so when Microsoft evacuated this menu on Windows 8 influences the client to feel hard to utilize. So clients are not excited about Windows 8 is straight forward. As a remedial advance, Microsoft office 2013 product key will add the Start menu to the up and coming Windows Threshold.
The reason HP comes back to Windows 7 is on account of its clients are happy with the OS.
Clients will have more prominent control over their gadget, particularly with their own information and won't need to stress considerably over future updates.
Windows 10 April 2018 Update, the most recent refresh to the working framework for Microsoft's PC has quite recently discharged not surprisingly, brings numerous new highlights are exceptionally valued by clients and specialists.
Microsoft called this form Spring Creators Update, went for expanding center and enhancing work effectiveness.
"With the new Windows 10 product key refresh, we're centered around conveying the most avant-garde and secure stage. We trust the client will have more opportunity to do what they like, regardless of whether imaginative, play or work, "said Microsoft office 2013 product key.
As per BGR, inside Windows 10 pro product key April 2018 Update has 5 shrouded highlights that clients need to know.
Farewell low determination
1.080p hour determination isn't enormous issue when numerous PCs shoddy and midrange can show Full HD. Be that as it may, to play higher determination content is as yet an obstruction.
Few out of every odd programming proportions are shown as per the high determination screen, so Windows 10 brought to pick take care of this issue. Clients can build the proportion of the application show a brisk and simple approach to look better when utilizing the high-determination screen.
To do this, clients in the wake of refreshing to Windows PC 10 April 2018 Update on Settings> System> Display> Advanced settings, and empower scaling alternative "Let Windows applications analyzed thử settle hazy They're definitely not."
Refresh speedier
In the event that you have a propensity for designing Windows 10 to consequently refresh during the evening, to what extent does this procedure take? Nonetheless, Microsoft has enhanced the working framework in the new form, which abbreviates the time you need to sit tight for the overhaul.
The last refresh of Creators Update endured 82 minutes, and Fall Creators Update was diminished to 51 minutes. For Windows 10 April 2018 Update, the gadget just needs 30 minutes to finish.
Cortana is more valuable
Cortana does not "hack" with Amazon's Alexa virtual right hand and is a long ways behind Apple's Siri. In the most recent Windows 10 refresh, Microsoft's virtual aide has additionally been made strides.
On Cortana's Notebook page, the "Coordinator" tab shows up containing imperative records and updates. This is viewed as a standout amongst the most imperative highlights in this overhaul for Cortana. Alternate things are put into a similar card called "Oversee aptitudes".
Try not to back off your PC when refreshing
Windows 10 enables the gadget to run the refresh procedure without influencing the procedure, however this frequently makes the PC back off, slack.
Subsequent to refreshing Windows 10 April 2018 Update, clients will have the choice to counteract lulls later on. This is situated in the Settings> Update and Security> Advanced Options. In the new window open, select Delivery Optimization> Advanced Options.
Presently, check the "Farthest point how much data transmission is utilized for downloading refreshes out of sight" and "Breaking point how much transfer speed is utilized for downloading refreshes in the frontal area". At that point utilize the slider to change the most extreme transmission capacity that updates can utilize.
Upgrade security
Windows 10 April 2018 Update accompanies a couple of security improvements that few individuals know. This is an awesome redesign for clients who need to keep their own information, particularly after Facebook - Cambridge Analytica.
There are four noteworthy updates to security on the new Windows 10 refresh.
To begin with, the protection settings identified with the camera equipment will influence all product, including Win32 programs (the center of Windows). At that point, Windows 10 has another alternative that consequently obstructs all authorization demands identified with account data, timetable, call history, contacts, reports, messages, messages, photographs, errands, recordings. .
Third, the Activity History page has the alternative of empowering or incapacitating consents for Windows to gather client movement data. At long last, the "Diagnostics and Feedback" area adds the capacity to enable clients to see what information has been gathered by Windows 10 and can be effortlessly erased.